I offer a variety of services including analysis and strategic consulting. From planning and brainstorming to prototyping and implementation, I help companies accomplish their data-driven decision-making goals. I have worked with non-profits, collaborated with researchers, and worked with companies ranging in size from start-up to global conglomerate. I am always open to the opportunity to learn about what others are interested in doing and in seeing what sort of fit may exist. I encourage you to contact me for more information about services or about questions you may have related to content you see here.

Speaking of content, this site is primarily dedicated to sharing concepts related to helping aid decision making. Sometimes I also provide example analyses related to issues that I feel deserve specific data-driven attention. Content is governed by a Creative Commons License: Share Alike. This means that you can share content with others as long as you:

  1. Maintain the main idea. Just don't purposefully alter the intention of the post. If you have questions, e-mail me.
  2. Cite the source. Continue the conversation, share and share alike.