Is Python the best way to graph geometric figures?

For those of you who may have never tried Matplot before, it is quickly becoming the standard visualization library for both R and Python.
Image shows the graph of a circular network comprised of several different layers all connected via triangular vertices

For example, with only a few lines of Python code, it is possible to quickly create beautiful images using simple algorithms such as the classic: Delaunay Triangulation. While I don't understand the intricate details behind the proof of how the algorithm works, I know that it is simple to implement through iterating over a set of point in a matrix using recurssion. This process divided the shape into two part and continues to attempt to satisfy the constraints of the Delauny procedure. The end results is a geometric network whereby all points are connected and spread out in a minimally spanning, Euclidean tree.

The important ramifications of Delauny triangulation relate to search structure within programs and to social network theory. What are your thoughts on this simple, elegant algorithm?