Is this how ideas are created?

I created a little robot that would learn how words are related to each other. First, I'll show you that concept map first without any words and then with words. Can you guess many related words I told it to find for each word?

Note: the color of the circles (nodes) indicates the prevalence of the concept; the thickness of a connection indicates the importance of that connection. If you cannot see anything, try using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

These semantic sets or 'synsets' were created as the robot read various documents. Over a couple days the robot started to learn a concept map. This type of technology is important mainly because it leads to insights about the structure of content within text. It's believed that most ideas are created by groups of people working together to establish meaning behind a shared human experience. Ideas are believed to be socially created. As applied to social networks, this technology can lead to insights about a community's ideas. Here is the same network with words included.

It seems as though the first concept map the robot learned was about 'interacting with other ideas' and it contains words such as: activity, effort, support, try, markets, etc..

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